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Jah Equity in Helsinki
A journey to the north
One day, Lars got the idea to celebrate this years christmas with a Sound System Tour in Finland- a plan we could not resist... So he rent a VW Bus and we transported all the heavy stuff with car-train and ferry up to Helsinki. We spent two wonderful weeks in not-so-cold Helsinki with our private guide Linda, who organized also lodging and three very sucessfull parties (thank you!!!)!
Sightseeing Hamburg and Rostock

Album: Sightseeing Hamburg and Rostock

The way up to the north

Date: 27.02.2005
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On the Ferry

Album: On the Ferry

Date: 27.02.2005
Views: 370
Sightseeing Helsinki

Album: Sightseeing Helsinki

Date: 27.02.2005
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Album: Suomenlinna

The fortress island before Helsinki

Date: 27.02.2005
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Album: Porvoo

Date: 27.02.2005
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Jah Equity @ Siperia

Album: Jah Equity @ Siperia

28/12/04 in a squadded house in Herttoniemi, Hki

Date: 27.02.2005
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Jah Equity @ Päiväkoti

Album: Jah Equity @ Päiväkoti

29/12/04 in Tku

Date: 27.02.2005
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Jah Equity @ Liberte

Album: Jah Equity @ Liberte

01/01/05 in a new club in Kallio, Hki

Date: 27.02.2005
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The tour poster

Date: 28.02.2005
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