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Holidays on Lopud
Chrigle and Moni on a small island in Croatia October 2004
Our Balkony and hanging around

Album: Our Balkony and hanging around

Date: 13.10.2004
Views: 280
The port of Lopud

Album: The port of Lopud

Actually the major part of inhabited area on the island

Date: 13.10.2004
Views: 220
Walking on Lopud

Album: Walking on Lopud

The island provides many nice walks to spent the day with

Date: 13.10.2004
Views: 289
Lopud's Park

Album: Lopud's Park

A tiny tiny wonderful park

Date: 22.12.2004
Views: 300

Album: Ships

The way to move

Date: 22.12.2004
Views: 243
Ausflug nach Sipan

Album: Ausflug nach Sipan

Der weite Weg zur Nachbarsinsel

Date: 22.12.2004
Views: 279
Flora and Fauna on Lopud

Album: Flora and Fauna on Lopud

Date: 13.10.2004
Views: 314
To Dubrovnik

Album: To Dubrovnik

Date: 13.10.2004
Views: 601
Sonnenuntergänge auf Lopud

Album: Sonnenuntergänge auf Lopud

Date: 05.04.2006
Views: 333