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Outer Banks and Charleston
Exploring the coast with Hans Georg and Isabel, Sept 06
North Carolina Coast

Album: North Carolina Coast

Wright Brothers, Sand Dunes and Lighthouses

Date: 15.10.2006
Views: 310

Album: Ocracoke

The nicest place on the Outer Banks deserves an own album!

Date: 15.10.2006
Views: 247

Album: Charleston

Date: 15.10.2006
Views: 190
Patriots Place

Album: Patriots Place

Aircraft Carrier, Submarine, Destroyer and Coast Guard Ship- all together on one place

Date: 15.10.2006
Views: 278

The third time we crossed Camp LeJeune, we finally managed to get this pic! It was a collective effort, Christian accelerating really slowly after the check point and me being really ready to pull out the camera.....

Date: 02.10.2006
Views: 84