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Adelboden 2005
1st August with friends

Women chatting just after arrival

Date: 31.07.2005
Views: 139
Heilsarmee and Preparations

Album: Heilsarmee and Preparations

A "hike" to the village

Date: 14.08.2005
Views: 372

Album: Cholereschlucht

Date: 19.08.2005
Views: 335

Album: Firework-Session

1st of August

Date: 14.08.2005
Views: 214
Pochtechessel- with low and high water!

Album: Pochtechessel- with low and high water!

Date: 19.08.2005
Views: 301
Riding the Gsür

Album: Riding the Gsür

Moni and Christian on expedition

Date: 19.08.2005
Views: 349
Sunny day at Engstligenalp

Album: Sunny day at Engstligenalp

After everybody left, the weather turned

Date: 19.08.2005
Views: 317
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