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Just a great trip, Jul 06
California has it all- huge vibrant cities, hot and empty deserts, amazing coast lines and breezy snow-topped mountains. We only had one week, but we were so fascinated that we had to see a bit of everything. And what we saw we really liked...
San Diego

Album: San Diego

The southernmost californian city and its bijoux La Jolla

Date: 13.08.2006
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Album: Desert

Hot hot hot and incredible fascinating....

Date: 13.08.2006
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Rocky Mountains

Album: Rocky Mountains

Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite National Park

Date: 13.08.2006
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California Coast

Album: California Coast

Astonishing Big Sur and Santa Cruz Surfers

Date: 16.08.2006
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San Francisco

Album: San Francisco

Yes, it is the most beautiful US city (we have seen so far)

Date: 16.08.2006
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Christian @ Google Campus

Date: 03.08.2006
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