The Central Asia Trip

... is already finished!

After spending 3.5 years in New Delhi, our friends Hynek and Aurelie decided to come back to Switzerland by road, which means to do a great trip through Central Asia. They travelled together with Emma, a swedish friend, and Svöbi, our friend from Wettingen.

The Cruiser

The trip started with Svöbi buying a good, stable Land Cruiser here in Switzerland and spending hours to customize it. In the middle of May, Svöbi started then right here from Wettingen to drive the Land Cruiser down to India. Together with Ludek, Hyneks father, he spent about 3 weeks on turkish, iranian, pakistani and indian roads. After this successfull transportation, the group left Delhi in the middle of June to head to Lahore.

In Iran

They spent almost 4 months on the road, reaching Pakistan, China, Kirgistan, Kasachstan, Usbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Turkey. But they not only enjoyed the outstanding beauty of the region and the incredible hospitality of many people they met, they worked on a cultural project we hope to link here soon.


It was an aim to post here any news we get from them during the trip, but due to our own moving to the US, this page was only online after they arrived in Europe again. Nevertheless, we are happy to publish the emails here, and we also have already pictures of Svöbi from their ride to Delhi.

Latest News

We got a new email from Hynek out of Istanbul, where they enjoy cultural life!