The Team

The Team
  • Hynek: Working since Nov 01 in New Delhi for UNDP, the initator of the trip. In deep love with his Enfield, he approved "shrekhank" while driving 15 hrs by night through indian traffic. Excellent connections through the Himalayas.
  • Aurelie: Living with Hynek in Delhi, the best person to introduce the rest to indian food, the way to take a rikshaw and to buy things on the market. Master of photography who prefers guesthouses before tents.
  • Fabio: On the way to change his domicile from Thailand to England, he stopped by in India. After all these years still perfect in "fl├Ąchen" and adaptable to every situation, a very convenient travel partner.
  • Alex: Our pleasant Parisian with asia experience, always a bit afraid of monkeys, bears, roads and buses. Being mostly interested in the monasteries of Spiti Valley, but with only three weeks of holidays, the landslide in Nako was really bad for him. He had to leave us in Manali and spent the time to his departure visiting Taj Mahal and the Red Fort.
  • Martin: The man with the blue helmet. Not afraid of anything, he often had to bear the consequences and also experienced the indian health system. Spontaneous and improvising, he
  • Felix: Since back, he thinks about importing an Enfield to Switzerland, so his everlasting smile while driving would also enlight us here. Youngest and wildest of the team, he succeeded to lose his camera objective three times during driving and also the general stuff was not safe in his hands. As a geographic student expert in all geological questions.
  • Christian und Moni: Jeep Driver and Co-Driver,