Video: Eric Jan 2008

We not only have one but three new videos to show! The first one is about Eric (as is the second but surprisingly not the third one) and shows footage done in January. For us it's quiet amazing to watch it now as Eric has already made so much progress again- it seems like ages when he was amazed about lights turning on and off, starred at his hands like they are something strange (he is quiet good now in using them!) and fitted into the BabyBjoern! But he still likes fooling around with Mom and using Dad as THE place to fall asleep :-)

Video: Chapel Hill

How much progress he can make in a few days can be seen in the second video to show you. Read here what Eric has to say about it.

And the third video was made when Maya and Marcel were here during Christmas and we explored Chapel Hill.... Hope you like them!

I'm eating, hehe!


Video: Eric eats

Remember how disappointed I was when Mom told me I will not get any solids yet? Well, although I am only 4.5 months old I already know how to get her to do what I want! For a couple of days now I get smashed carrots, hehe! Let me tell you how I did it...
First, I just didn't let my parents in peace during their meals anymore . They thought that I may just want to participate by sitting on their laps- but I pushed it forward by getting hold of any item I could find on the table associated with eating including forks and plates. So they told me that before eating solids little boys have to know how to drink. Ha, what an insult, did they really think I don't get that? It took me 2 days until I could take my bottle, hold it into my mouth and drink from it. So what now?? Well, Mom mashed some carrots, took my bib and feed me! And I proofed how much I wanted to eat by bringing my skills to perfection within a few days. But watch yourself... Oh and yes- my parents are very very proud of me!

Disappointed future carnivore



My mom is sooo unfair! You know, every night I watch my parents eating their great food, and I am especially jealous if they have steak for dinner. So I did all I could and hurried up getting teeth. And guess what, I managed to get my first one before my 4-month-birthday! And the second one is on its way too. But today, my mom now tells me that despite having teeth I will have to wait until after my 6-month-birthday before I get "solids", and even worse, for her solids means rice cereal or mashed carrots!!! Isn't that mean??? I hope that's not a revenge for my waking-up in the middle of the night I recently started. It's not my fault, my body just turns me somehow from my stomach to my back, and you know I hate being on my back. So it's just fair I call my parents to turn me around, isn't it?

DSC_3220.JPG I had my 4-months check-up right today. The doctor said I am very healthy, he measured 65cm and 6.9 kg and gave me another round of shots! What a reward for growing so nicely!
Moreover I decided what I want to be when I am a grown-up, and I already started training. There may be a slight influence to this decision from my Dad, who knows?

DSC_3174.JPG But the most exciting news is that we are moving back to Switzerland (well, for me it's not really "back"), and I will finally meet so many people eager to know me. My parents are quiet busy now with arranging things and starting to pack, so I often find myself in the middle of some packing material- which is great as it makes very funny cracking noise! Also, they prepare me for the things to come, my first task was to learn what COW means.... So most probably you will not hear so much from us in the next weeks, but we try to continue pictures of me growing (the only interesting thing in the world) and we are looking forward meeting you all very soon!!!
Some more pictures

Exciting world!



Again late- we suffer the yearly January-Fatigue! Life in bed would be so great, but a little one gets us up at 7am every day. Luckily our efforts get rewarded with a lot of smiling and cooing and keeping us amazed about life and growth. Eric makes huge developmental steps. It's true what somebody told us- some days you're wondering if this is really the same child you had yesterday.... A consequence of this growth is that many strategies you developed to deal with him don't work anymore! So it's like getting to know your child again on a daily basis- exhausting and exciting!!

Waking up First, he is growing.... Many of his clothes don't fit him anymore, and he also grew out his bassinet what he clearly let us know by crying out loud every time he woke up in it! So now he takes his naps on a comfortable blanket where waking up is much nicer!

eric_watching.jpg An important skill he improves is vision. Eric now sees much further and observes Daddy sitting on his desk or follows Mom with his eyes when she passes by. Mirrors are still a great thing, and everything that moves above his head, especially trees.

DSC_3157.JPG Moreover, his hand-eye coordination makes a lot of progress! He often got very frustrated when trying to play with toys as his hands did not follow his will. But suddenly they more or less move where he wants them to, and so he finally gets hold of his toys.

DSC_3147.JPG His favorite position is sitting.... Whenever possible we have to hold him in an upright position so he can overlook everything. Since we realized that we can bath him without any crying- last time he even managed a tiny little smile! He also realizes now he has legs and feet and starts to giggle if you touch his cheeks with his feet.

DSC_3032.JPG To keep on moving we go to Mom&Baby Yoga every week. While Moms muscles get a good stretch, Eric realizes that he is not the only small human being in this world and starts to bond with the girls. Moreover, we take walks in the neighborhood. To manage the roots and rocks on the little path behind the house, Eric got a Deluxe stroller- which makes pushing Mom even happier than him!
More pictures from Erics 14th week and 15th week on earth...

Eric grows...



We have a few new pics from Eric! He is now 3 months old and develops new skills rapidly, which is really fascinating. Recently he discovered his hands, now starring at them and trying to get them into control can be totally absorbing.

DSC_3001.JPG Moreover, his brand-new mirror gives him a whole new perspective on himself, which makes life even more confusing. He still suffers his "6 o'clock cranky time" (which means he cries for some time without any reason at around 6pm), which is especially unpleasant if you're trying to eat out, but the rest of the day he smiles a lot, makes funny noises and happily discovers the world. And he sleeeeeps through the night, thank you!!!

DSC_2983.JPG Grandma and Marcel already arrived safely back in Switzerland. The holidays passed by so fast, we had a great time together. Eric now also takes a bath without much crying, thanks to Grandmas idea. Now daily life is back, Dad goes to work and we are doing laundry- how odd....

December in Chapel Hill

DSC_2947.JPG Only one day left in December and 2007... It's the first year we celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve in NC, enjoying the visit of (Grand)Ma Maya and (Uncle) Marcel. Of course it's raining much much more than usual, which is great for the drought-troubled NC but not so much for us. At least it is warm... Anyway, there were some sunny days, and so we had a chance to go to Hanging Rock State Park and admire the view from the top in wintertime. Moreover, we enjoy relaxing and chatting and eating and taking a walk and and and...



Some more pictures

Merry Christmas

DSC_2892.JPG We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and enjoyed some great days with your loved ones!

Moni, Christian and Eric

Happy little guy

DSC_2879.JPG It seems to get the rule that we are late... Well, we are still quiet busy not only with our daily life but also with the preparations for the visit of Grandma and Uncle Marcel at Christmas we are very much looking forward to! So let's keep it brief.

Video: Happy little guy

Monday we had the 2-Month-Checkup of Eric. He is doing really well, he is now 23.5 in/60 cm and 12lb 13 oz/ 5.8 kg, so he is not the smallest of his age (no wonder we had to change diaper size!). Poor Eric got 8 vaccinations in 3 shots plus 1 oral one! He was really brave only crying so hard that he got a red face during the first shot. But still the shots resulted in a sleepless night and a hard day for the whole family as Eric developed a fever- and for the first time we experienced how bad it is when your child feels miserable. Luckily the next day Eric was himself again and full of energy as you can see in this short video!
Some more pictures

News from Eric...


News from Eric

So finally the new video of Eric is finished. You can see how much progress a baby can make in a couple of weeks, it's really amazing. Enjoy!

7 weeks and 3 days

DSC_2841_001.JPG Again, we are late. Well, no wonder, we had so much to do recently that there was barely time to prepare the pictures! Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving. James invited us to join their family and enjoy a real American feast including a huge turkey and mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney, gravy, beans, stuffing, etc etc etc, all homemade! To make the day perfect, Eric fell asleep just when food was served and behaved very very well the whole afternoon. Now everybody thinks our child never cries (which of course is far from being true).
DSC_2854.JPG Thanksgiving also means a very long weekend, so Daddy was home and we enjoyed spending time together including going out for lunch and making walks in the now leafless woods.
DSC_2825.JPG Beside that, we went out with Nathalie, bathing in the sun on the last very warm day at Weaver Street Market or sipping Chai at Caffe Driade after it got cold. Eric loves having some action and keeps us busy demanding attention when we are at home. But almost daily at 10 pm it's bedtime and (exempt some calm nursing breaks) he only gets really active again next morning at about 9:30 am- that's our son!!!
Some more pictures


I am 6 weeks old and...

DSC_2721.JPG I have a cold! I have a stuffy nose that troubles my breathing (up to 4 months I will not be able to breath through my mouth!), I have watery eyes and I am very sleepy! Good luck I do not have a fever, so we will just wait and hope it passes by fast. Possible that I got my nose from Max, who we visited last Saturday, but then it is exclusively Moms fault, because Maya told her that Max has a stuffy nose! Or I just got it because it is getting fall here....


I sleep through the night! Yes, you got it right, one week ago I started to skip one night feeding and since then I sleep a 6-7 hours stretch. Then I need some food before I go for another 3-4 hours. The first two nights my parents woke up every couple of hours and checked on me, they were even afraid I don't get enough food like that. Haha, check out how I start to get a double chin!


I am happy my Mom is with me... For many babies here, their 6-week-birthday is not such a happy one as their Moms have to go back to work- it's the official end of the maternity leave. Get me right, I think day care may be a lot of fun, together with so many other children playing and fooling around. But not already now. Now I still prefer to cuddle with my Mom, and I know she prefers that to work too. How lucky we are!


I like to stare at bright things. I now keep my eyes open when we go out for a stroller walk (I used to close my eyes as soon as we were leaving the house) and look at the sky and all the trees around here. In my nursery my changing table is beside the window, so I also can watch the trees while my diaper is changed- do you have a bathroom with a view?


I need a passport! Last week, we went to get my birth certificate (before spending the rest of the morning in the German Bakery chatting with Nathalie- I like to go out!), but to apply for a passport, I still need a picture. So my Mom tried and tried again to make a photo where I look directly into the camera with open eyes. Of course I did everything else....

I am a happy little guy..... Some more pictures

5 weeks here

First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GROSSMAMI!!! Ich wuensche Dir alles alles Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag und freue mich, Dich bald kennenzulernen! Eric


Eric is also celebrating a birthday- although it's just his 5-week-one! But in these early days every week counts. And indeed he already outgrows some of his newborn behavior. You remember the swaddle he needed to fall asleep? Well, first he immediately started to free his arms when he got swaddled so he could use his arms as a support to hold up his head. Then he managed to free his whole body from the swaddle during the night and to "crawl" to a completely different place in his crib than where we put him for sleeping (and to get cold feet, of course)! So we already had to switch from the swaddle to a wearable blanket (Schlafsack)... And not to mention all the onesies (bodysuits) he already outgrew... Time goes by soo fast!

So many babies...


2007 Babies!

This was really a great year for us and many of our friends- we all got parents! And of course all the little ones are so sweet.... Here you can find pictures of Laia, Malou, Linda, Max, Marcel and Naomi!

One month update, three days late

deer.jpg I know, I know, we are very late with our weekly report, but we just had some challenging days.... With a baby, your daily life gets unpredictable, at least when the baby is very small. Everything turns around the little human being, which is also quiet obvious when scrolling down our webpage ;-). But to prove you that we did not completely forget the outside world we start today with a picture NOT showing Eric: This week there were some male deer in our yard! This is only the second time we see them with their beautiful (although small) antlers, and I am proud that I could catch a picture....

But now back to the important things in life: Eric :-)!
First, Eric was quiet demanding this week, he cried a lot (especially in the evenings), did not sleep very well and needed a lot of attention. So the days went by trying to sooth him, for example by carrying him around. As he gets heavier and heavier (Code Name "Moeckli") I tried to put him in his sling (some kind of shawl) and in his Baby Bjoern. Obviously the latter one did not turn out so well:



Not much better were the numerous attempts to convince him of taking a pacifier.... This one is the only brand he kept in his mouth for longer than 5 seconds, but after a while it was spit out with a disgusted face as all the others! Well, so what, we just hope he does not find his thumb instead.


But then things turned- Eric suddenly decided to be a very good child, to sleep well (3-4 hrs in one stretch), to be rather quiet, and most importantly: To amaze us with new skills he just seemed to have acquired! For example, he started to make much more noises, such as huuuuuh, aehhaeh, guuuuu, well, you get the point... He stares directly in our eyes when we talk to him, sometimes even moves his head towards us, or follows a toy with his eyes. I started to lay him down on his activity thing (I still don't know the name of it) and he even tried to touch one of the toys hanging down!


And he started to cling to things: fingers, t-shirts, his burb cloth ("Nudi"), my hair.... That's a great skill when, for the first time, you bath in the big tube and feel a bit insecure if Dad really holds you tight.
It is great to watch Eric making all this progress, and it's just amazing how the tiny little boy we met 4 weeks ago is growing and growing.... Now we just hope his "good child" phase continues for a while - babies are, as already mentioned, unpredictable ;-).
More pictures can be found here....

Erics Video 2, second edition

Now also everybody using #*!@ Internet Explorer can watch the new movie of Eric....

Another video...


The life of a 3-week-old

We made another video consisting of some shoots done over the last two weeks that shows you some aspects of Erics life (and consequently ours). Little Ones grow sooo fast, we are amazed about all the progress Eric makes almost on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy....

Already 3 weeks!



How fast time passes by... 3 weeks ago we were in the hospital, starring at the little wonder who just entered our life. Now we already got to know each other and started to learn how to deal with our new life (which mainly means how to quickly satisfy Erics needs ;-)).

Eric seems to like his new home, with playing airplane with Daddy and peeing at Mom as his favorites (why does he never pee at Daddy??). Right now he seems to have his 3-week growth spurt, which means a lot (and I mean a lot) of nursing to get all the calories to grow. Also, sleeping got less important, so having a 3 hour stretch of sleep got luxury- and makes his parents running to the crib to check if he is really ok....


Some more pics (a new movie should follow soon)

2 week birthday



In order to celebrate Erics 2-week-birthday we made some new pictures. Of course, like perhaps all parents, we couldn't decide which ones to show you as we like them all. So you get a whole new album just with Erics facial expressions and even some more pics of him.

DSC_2585.JPG We had our second doctors appointment today, and Eric is doing just great! He is now 21 1/4 in (54cm, he was 20in/50.8cm) and 8lb 2oz (3690g, his birth weight was 7lb/3175g)- although he lost some of this weight by pooping again allover the doctors scale.... He is way more alert now and stares with his big blue eyes at something (whatever it is) whenever he is not sleeping or crying. He loves his car seat and driving around, which makes it easy to go out with him (at least that's how it was so far, little ones change very fast...). But whatever we do, it takes double the time it used to take- half of it because of baby/car seat/stroller issues, half of it because everywhere we go people want to have a look at Eric and talk to him! Well, we understand ;-).

Erics first video


Watch Erics movie

You cannot resist to just watch him, making all his faces, looking (at you?), sleeping, even crying is just fascinating... This is some footage taken on Sunday and in the night to Monday (yeah, we are a 24 h site now!), barely cut and with no fancy stuff, but you may enjoy it.

Moreover, we had our first doctors appointment today. Eric was such a nice one, completely quiet during the whole exam. The only problem he caused was another poop- and of course his inexperienced parents left the diaper bag in the car! Anyway, he is completely fine and even gained weight above his birth weight (they are actually expected to loose about 10%)!! So you see how well his parents care for him ;-)! Right now he's asleep, gaining strength for his active (=nursing and crying) sessions during the night...

More Eric

Here some more pictures of the most beautiful baby on earth.... We left the hospital on Thursday, and the three of us are now adjusting to a new exciting life. Eric keeps us quiet busy, not only with diaper changes and feedings, but also with amazing us on and on....



Eric is here



We are very excited about our newborn Eric! First pictures are available here: (Eric's first photo album). He arrived at 2:24am on Tuesday Oct 9 at the UNC hospitals in Chapel Hill.