Delhi Experience, 30.08.03

Hello everybody

Well, after Dharmasala I was glad to leave this little tibetan enclave (not much to see there except some nice waterfalls around and this europeans walking aroung like tibetan monks) and I was heading towards Chandigarh, the european model city, planned by the famous swiss architect Le Corbusier. It was pretty nice to see this rectangular shaped arrangment of streets, but it was rather confusing to drive through it with the bike, cause the city is arrangend in about 70 sectors which all look very similar, and it is also a expensive place to stay. So on the next day I was heading down to Delhi.

Once in Delhi I was looking for Hyneks flat in Defence Colony, and just in front of Defence Colony a Vespa Scooter hit my front wheel, the driver fell and my front fork got twistet, but nobody got hurt. But the driver of the Vespa dared to ask me for some money to repair it, so I had to get rude and tell him that he can get a kick in his a.. and that I would call the police... so he drove off the place.

Well, my bike had anyway to be brought to the mechanic, so it didnt bother me that much... and I was glad to check in Hyneks flat (probably the best place in Delhi to have a rest and enjoy the city).

So the following days I spent with several visits at the mechanics, to observe the progress of my bike beeing upgraded with a bigger Tank and some other good stuff (he he he, tuning parts are very cheap here, and its great fun to go to the Motormarked to buy them...) and some sightseeing trips within Delhi and some exciting shopping in the several markets of the metropole. Due to the fact, that it was raining quite a lot lately, the sky above Delhi was clear and blue, upgraded with some white clouds, really suitable for taking nice fotographs. The temperature is also bearable, something around 30 degrees.

All in all I enjoy Delhi very much, and its getting nicer with every day. Yesterday night we were clubbing in some trendy club in the outskirt of Delhi, and althought the music wasnt that good it was a rather nice experience to see all this new rich middleclass indians dancing and drinking overpriced imported beer...

Nevertheless, on thuesday I am going to leave the big big city and I will head south in Direction of Agra (Taj Mahal) and then to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bombay (even bigger and much more trendy)....and Goa

So, I hope that everybody os doing well back home and you will hear soon the latest news from my ongoing trip


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