Up to Nako


[Hynek] I remember this day well for it was the only time Fabio expressed the will to have a ride behind me on the bike and Aurelie did feel like spending some time in the car chatting with Alex. And so Fabio and I were off!

Driving slowly, observing all the beauty on the first day in Spiti Valley. It's really cool! Cruising at low speed, chatting, enjoying the afternoon sun, enjoying a good time with someone I was really looking forward to meet well again! It could be a conversation and a moment in Geneva at his flat over breakfast in his apartment around his small round marmor table, but no we found ourselves in a place we would never thought of hanging out together on a moving bike surrounded by serenity!


- Not noticing that Martin is driving madly behind us, honking, trying to catch up with us for Fabio and I took the wrong turn!

Luckily there is Martin who got up early next morning and took a hike around the mountains of Nako village. I was having my late breakfast when he showed up again, fresh and happy after a certainly exhausting walk! Thanks for the idea! This is exactly what I need to do: walk as high as possible right up there to this pass where I can see a small stupa with flags clapping wildly in the wind! I could see Felix, Moni and Schlatti in front of me but I did not catch up. I somehow felt I would enjoy this hike more on my own. I reached the stupa on the pass and a strong cold wind hit me. I hid behind a stone to escape this wind and to catch my breath. The mountain seems not to welcome me!


But maybe it is just what I was looking for, some austerity and so I walk on only to feel the wind ceasing and the sun shining warmly! I found myself all alone among these stones coloured by moose, and a few flowers that could grow at this altitude (4000 m). I wanted to take a picture of each moose constallation on each stone, filling up an entire film with colours and motives.

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