Pin Valley


[Hynek] Here I am on my bike in Pin Valley waiting till the road construction vehicles and men give me a chance to pass by. It stinks! The hot smell of melting tar bites through the air. Maybe if I smile at them they will be more forthcoming? Come on, come on guys! Let me through!


The tractor moves slightly to one side, the sight is clearing up, there seems to be a way through, just enough for a bike! But hei! Does this mean I have to drive over this hot and freshly steaming tar on the road? That's not possible! My bike will get stuck to the ground and I'll be glued here for the rest of the trip. And if that doesn't happen my tyres will melt and explode after the first 10 meters!

Wait a second, look at those smiling road workers walking in their slippers over that tar which looks like a black steamy bubble bath!


[Moni] We spent the night in a private accommodation, one big room with a shower corner included. Thanks to Martins improvisation talent, it got a real shower and everybody wanted to be the first with still hot water.


The children in Mud were quiet nasty, not leaving us alone for one minute and touching everything. Everywhere in the streets were people together and discussed. During dinner in the landlords kitchen, a marvellous, very big meal, we found out what the villagers were excited about: The night before, a TATA jeep with 14 peoples inside (!) felt into the Chandra River and 4 people of the village died. Everybody waited for new information and cars were organized to visit the accident location.


The next morning was wonderful- bright sunshine and a beautiful view to the Baba and the Parvati Pass, two famous trekking routes. We enjoyed the landscape with its rock reliefs on the roof of our house and slowly left the village and the valley again.

On the way, we visited Kungri Gompa. In the temple, there was just a ceremony going on. We silently retreated, but a young monk came to us and invited us to attend. So we sat in the little temple, surrounded by monks humming and singing and suddenly taking their instrument and making horrible noise, then humming and singing again. The young fellows were fooling around, perhaps also excited about these strangers in their temples, whereas the old ones recite from prayer rolls.


[Hynek] Due to the group's bad discipline to get up early in the morning and the usual car problems we were again a little bit late for our final destination, Kibber. But somehow laziness and bad discipline pay off in Spiti Valley for there is no better time to ride your bike than just before sunset. The whole place glows in its deep colours.

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