[Moni] Next day, we started calmly, eating breakfast, enjoying that the weather started to be cooler as it had been in Delhi. We still needed some things, so everybody spread out for shopping. What an experience to do the first shopping in India all alone...

The following road led us up and down through the hills. We learned that crossing is sometimes a matter of centimeters.


[Hynek] Shimla! It looks like it will rain. Lets have a quick walk through the town. It's a big town. Lets have late lunch. It's already late and we should be going for we are already behind schedule! On the second day! But then again, forget the schedule, relax, especially me! The past 2 weeks of preparation put my body into a stress that is hard to shake off and realise that it is time to enjoy. Shimla is nice. Many tourists, but nice. But it is not what we are looking for- so lets move on anyway!

[Moni] And this was a good decision! It started to get first misty, then dark. And no guest house in sight. At least, we found a governmental house where we could rent two rooms- hard discussions about the price included.


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